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Do you need an official LED Lamp in your nail salon?

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CND Shellac
The CND 3C Pro LED Nail Lamp is CND Shellac’s next-generation LED lamp and utilises up to date technology and is the only lamp designed to completely and evenly cure Shellac Brand 14+ Day Nail Color.
The model is able to cure all five fingers (or toes!) at the same time as well as being easy to use. If you use CND Shellac exclusively in your salon, you should think about investing in the CND 3C Pro LED Nail Lamp to ensure your customers get the very best out of their CND Shellac manicure and keep returning for more!
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OPI GelColor
Just like CND Shellac, OPI GelColor has its own innovative and advanced LED Lamp -the OPI LG Innotek Dual-Cure LED Nail Lamp.
This lamp made in partnership with tech giant LG Innotek is engineered for excellence and uses ideal light frequencies to achieve a more effective cure which improves both the wear and shine of an OPI Gelcolor manicure. If OPI GelColor is your preferred brand, then buying the official LED lamp may be the best option for your business.
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One lamp that is reliable and from a reputable retailer is The Jealous DualCure Pro LED Nail Lamp which works with CND Shellac, OPI, Harmony Gelish and other gel nail systems available.
This innovative LED lamp features dual curing light technology meaning that it is twice as fast as other LED lamps to cure gels which in turn means faster and more resilient gel nails for your clients. This lamp is currently available for a special price of £99 with a two-year warranty which makes it a particularly tempting option for your salon!
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