Are competing salons doing better than you

Are Competing Salons Doing Better Than You?

The salon industry is now more ever more competitive, with rivals on just about every street! Here are some tips and tricks to discovering how your competitors are faring while improving your own salon to make it the best and most profitable in your local area.

Keep an Eye Out

In this world of competitive nail businesses, it is essential to know what the competition is and what it is doing. To find out what they are doing does not mean you have to walk past their salon without being caught staring or spend hours trawling their website and social media for a clue to their success.

Take advantage of online services to help you keep an eye on what they are up to. Use a free service like Google Alerts to get any news from your competitors delivered straight into your inbox. Make sure all your activity is above-board and innocent. You do not want to cultivate a reputation for stalking your competitors.

Offer Competitive Packages

Take a look at your closest competitor’s offers and see how you can beat them. To beat them does not necessarily mean undercutting their prices. You could offer an additional service for the same price, giving customers' more bang for their buck' or you could more widely advertise the benefits of your pricier packages.

There are many ways to attract your competitor’s clients without being underhand. Spend your efforts focussing on the business management of your own salon instead of fretting about what your competitors might be doing. If you are the better salon, customers will come to you. Do not think you have to cut back on costs to remain competitive.

Social Media Superstars

The ‘nails’ hashtag on Instagram has over 89 million posts while ‘#nailart’ has nearly 46 million. Capitalise on this vast market with your active account. With regular posts and targeted hashtags, you can attract a whole new range of clientele that traditional marketing would miss.

Do not limit your posts only to the fabulous nails your technicians produce. You can also post about life in the salon, special offers and events you are running, and even just general entertaining content. With social media mastered, you will have more clients than ever walking through your doors.

Stay on Top of Trends

Educate yourself on what the hot new trends of the season are and be sure to offer them to every customer who walks through those doors. Use your social media to promote these services. From nail art trends to the colour everywhere on the catwalks, there are many ways to showcase your salon as fashionable and fresh.
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