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Does Decor and Lighting Matter?

It’s no secret that a happy home is one that has been properly made into an individual’s palace, a haven that fits the user’s personality and tastes. However, to some, it may just take too much time, and money does so. So, to what extent does décor and lighting matter in a house? Take a look at this list to see whether or not it makes an impact.

The Important Basics of Decor and Lighting

You may think that décor and lighting for a home or workplace would be completely useless, as having the essentials in a room is good enough to sustain anyone. However, as Oscar de la Renta claimed ‘the most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” That may be hard to believe now, but when winter is in full swing, and the room feels dark and claustrophobic, it may be a different story. The feeling of darkness can lead to symptoms of depression, or as some call it SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). However, you can combat this feeling with white halogen bulbs surrounded by a gorgeous lamp cover. You can even use modern apps to try out different colours and styles of décor before you make your choice.

A Business to Remember

When you first open a store, while you may be able to sell a good product, some customers will make their first impressions on the building you run rather than the content you produce. As a business owner, you are building your customer’s expectations of the value of the product that they want to receive, meaning that the décor and effect of the lighting must be perfect.

Think of what your first impressions would be if you went into a store with no lighting, bland shelves and a messy floor. You would not be impressed and neither would they. Customers want a store focused on convenience, but also an experience tailored to grab their attention. Take the company Jealous Nails; their equipment embodies a modernistic feeling, thus appeals to the creative beauty market. You must always be ready to have your décor up to scratch when it comes to the world of business.

Irritability and Room Dynamics

Have you considered why one room may completely calm you down while another may annoy you? Well, this may be due to the bad furniture and placement of the room touching a nerve. For workers, a study has shown that bad furniture in their workplace makes them twice as likely to feel less productive and see their work environment as depressing. Any off-putting dynamics will make you want to run away from a room in an instant, so keep it clean and light.
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