How long do OPI Gel Nails last

How Long Do OPI Gel Nails Last?

OPI GelColor or OPI?

OPI GelColor is the next generation of Shellac. Shellac is a blend of nail varnish and gel (also known as ‘hybrid gel’) that gives a strong and durable manicure which is less damaging to nails. Its durability also reduces the likelihood of chipping.

The setting process with OPI GelColor is also the same as it is with gel nails and so the tips will cure under UV lighting.

Application of OPI Gel Nail Polish, how’s this different?

Compared to traditional gel nail polish, OPI GelColor will not damage nails providing the correct application and removal process is followed.

The GelColor Base Coat must be applied in a thin coat from the centre of the nail moving out to the sides and then left to cure for 30 seconds under an LED Light. The GelColor shade is applied in two thin coats and curing under UV lighting after each application. Once the colour layers have been applied a top coat is applied and cured, finishing off with an application of nail and cuticle replenishing oil.

To remove OPI Gel polish, the nail is wrapped and soaked in acetone for 10-15 minutes, after which the wrap is removed using a twisting motion to ensure that the all the gel polish is removed.

OPI GelColor vs Nail Extensions

Nail extensions, or acrylics take time to apply and can be quite messy, the nail extension being glued onto the existing nail, trimmed and filed and the acrylic gel applied on top, and then hardened under a UV light.

This process can be damaging to nails and could be difficult, and even painful, to remove. Acrylics are available in three options; clear, pink or peach, depending on which is preferred.

OPI GelColor is a polish containing a gel, applied like a polish and but there’s no glue involved, the new base and top coat protect the nail from damage and removal is much quicker.

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