How to deal with complaining or unruly clients

How to Deal with Complaining or Unruly Clients

The ability to deal with disruptive nail clients is a must-have skill for any salon owner. Complaints will arise in a nail salon even if you strive to keep it a haven of peace to the best of your abilities. Here are some tips for best dealing with nail complaints to keep both your clients happy.

Remain Calm

It takes a lot of patience to remain calm if someone is attacking your business, but it is something which must be done. An emotional defence can further rile the angry customer. Take a step back and ensure you let the client know that you sympathise with their situation. Actively listen to their complaints and allow them the chance to talk through their grievance without interrupting them.

Ensure the customer knows that you value their custom and you would be sad to lose them as a client. By taking their complaint seriously, you will show them that you care about their concerns and their well-being.

If the complaint occurs over a social media platform like Facebook, make sure your reply is sympathetic and professional. A rant or a sarcastic response can instantly damage your salon’s reputation and potentially lose you even more customers.

Remove the Customer from Any Busy Areas

Removing a customer from a busy area of the salon can be as simple as asking them to join you in a quieter area of the salon or, if you feel comfortable, asking them to step into a back office. By removing them from the busy salon floor, you are minimising the disruption they can cause to your other customers. You are also now able to give the client your full attention.

Offer a Reasonable Solution

Service should never be sacrificed to appease the client. Strive to reach a solution that will meet the quality standards of your business while satisfying their complaints. If there's a problem with their manicure, offer to fix the issue for free. If the complaint lies with another member of your staff, assure the customer that you will speak to that employee about the incident and offer them a voucher or some other form of compensation.

Train Your Staff

You may not always be available to deal with customer complaints. Furthermore, passing an angry client from employee to employee is sure to aggravate them even more. Every member of staff should be adequately trained to deal with any complaints they receive from your nail salon’s customers. Take the time to set out complaint procedures and ensure every employee understands them fully.

Keep records of any grievance. Keeping records will not only help you to track your employee’s abilities to handle complaints but may also protect you in the event a customer whom you thought was satisfied with the service returns with a further complaint.

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