How to get your clients to spend more in the nail salon during party season

How to get your clients to spend more in the nail salon during party season

Nail Technicians - You deserve a Christmas bonus, right?!

With most beauty professionals being self-employed, you have to work extra hard to receive a little extra at this time of year. 
The good news is that with party season in full swing, it shouldn’t be difficult filling up your appointments as women love to pamper themselves and look their best for the festive period. 
However, if you really want to see a difference in your profits then you’ll have to push your clients to spend more on their visit. Some clients might already be asking for premium services and a touch of glitter which they wouldn’t usually go for. 
Here are a few ideas to draw more value from your clients who are booked in for a gel manicure. 


First of all, you need to learn to upsell your products and services. 
If someone books in for standard gel nails and they mention they’re going to a festive party, why not ask if they plan on wearing open toe shoes? They might be easily persuaded to ensure their toes look pretty too. 
While clients are in the salon you may also want to push certain products which cost a little more.
Special nail art such as glitter tips or intricate Christmas designs are definitely worth the extra price! You’ll find that people are willing to spend a little extra at this time of year to treat themselves – all you need to do is ask! 


All beauty practitioners are walking models, promoting their services. 
Just as a hairdresser may flaunt the most luxurious extensions, nail artists should take time on their own hands to show off their best work. 
Wear the very best products such as CND Shellac and OPI GelColor and create show-stopping sparkly designs to impress your clients. 
You’ll find that many clients say “I’ll have what you’ve got I love that design!” – and you’ve upsold their manicure without even trying. 


At this time of year, everyone is on the lookout for gifts everywhere they go.
With Christmas just around the corner, many people will want to avoid the busy high street if they can and could be tempted by gift vouchers. 
In general conversation during the appointment, ask clients if they have presents sorted for their sisters/mothers/friends, and if not a pamper voucher from the salon could make the perfect gift. Some clients could leave with all their Christmas shopping finished, and you’ll be able to fill up a quiet January! 

Maximise your income without having to squeeze in more appointments and work extra days. 
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