Ideas for using Facebook Live for your salon: Part 1

Ideas for using Facebook Live for your salon: Part 1

Live streaming isn't just about watching Netflix. It's a term that refers to the broadcasting of video over the internet in real time for any purpose and on any platform. The particular platform we want to talk about today is Facebook Live, and a specific subject that will interest you is your salon business.

We're going to help you to understand some of the best ways to utilise Facebook Live as a user-controlled service to help you promote, raise awareness of, and generally improve business for your salon.

Have an answer for every customer's question

You probably already have a basic Frequently Asked Questions section somewhere on your social media presence (and, if you don't, then we highly recommend that you do!). However, even FAQs focused on your salon more than likely won't cover every possible question potential customers could want answered before they commit to visiting the salon.

A live video question-and-answer (Q&A) session every now and again is a great way to address those questions while also presenting a friendly and inviting tone to your target customers ahead of time, making them feel more inclined to pay you a visit.

Demos and tutorials can help improve your reputation

Hair and makeup tutorials are big business on Youtube, and educational tools of this kind have great potential on Facebook Live. To start with, the live element allows real-time interaction with viewers (much like with your Q&As), letting you adapt and actively demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to the audience.

Letting your audience know how good you really are at your job is, of course, the key to earning their trust and getting them to your business's door. You can even expand on this by holding live demos in your salon, where you can show off your establishment, its facilities and maybe even some happy customers who are currently enjoying your superior service.

A final plus to this form of live video is that you may even manage to generate some revenue from any in-house stock you have for sale by showing the products off in a tutorial or subtly mentioning them as a possible choice of product during a gel nail how-to.

We'll be back with more

Hosting Q&A sessions and running live tutorials are just two of the main ways of using Facebook Live for your business, but you can bet that we have a few more for you. You can check out Part 2, where we will look into the benefits of using the platform for sharing opinions as well as further detail how to improve your reputation and raise recognition for your salon.
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