Ideas for using Facebook Live for your salon: Part 2

Ideas for using Facebook Live for your salon: Part 2

As promised, we're back to continue breaking down some of the better ideas that will help you make the most of using Facebook Live for your salon.

Previously, we covered how effective live video is for answering questions and demonstrating professional tutorials that help show off your knowledge and skill to impress potential customers. We have some more ideas for you below that will further aid in promoting your business and getting you more actively involved with your customer base.

Share those opinions and let others share theirs

This one is predominantly to help give you visibility while also providing customers with a flavour for what you and your salon are like.

Sometimes, it's just good to be actively engaged with your customer base, making it feel more like a community by letting them get to know you, and you get to know them (just like you would if they came into your salon).

You can even keep it tied into your work by sharing opinions and stories relating to personal hair and beauty wins and fails, or what products you would personally recommend. It might even be worth taking a few recommendations from customers who use something that has slipped you by.

Ultimately, being accessible and relatable will make your business much more inviting to potential customers, as they will feel more comfortable and confident putting their care in your hands.

All of this helps to build your relationships with customers and your reputation

We want to end by just talking about the one benefit that underlines each of these ideas we've laid out for you - and that is how effectively utilising Facebook Live as a social media tool can drastically improve your relationships with customers and increase the reputation of your salon. 

With how prevalent and integral social media is to running a successful business in today's online world, the effects of word-of-mouth advertising are actually more valuable than they have ever been before. People share their experiences and stories online all the time, especially when it comes to incredibly good or bad interactions with a business.

Live video is a great way to harness that potential good favour by doing things like capturing those authentic moments of satisfaction in a customer's face, or by just maintaining a positive and consistent online presence, as we mentioned earlier. 

A good reputation, and staying in customers' minds, will keep people coming back to you - and being active in such a direct online medium as Facebook Live is a great way to achieve both.

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