Instagram for your salon

Instagram was Built for Salons like Yours

In today’s consumeristic world, social media is an essential part of any advertising campaign for a business. With the social media platform Instagram often focusing its gaze upon beauty and art, it is the perfect medium to show off your salon. Why not give it a shot with these techniques that are guaranteed to gain you followers.

The Starter Skills of Instagram

For many salons, Instagram is the perfect world to expand a marketing campaign and advertise what nail set would be perfect for different occasions. Not only is Instagram free to sign up to, but it has been proven that photos on a social media platform can result in the post becoming more engaged with by 120%. Have fun with the skills you have by indulging in photos that capture a theme or event and don’t be scared to ask your customers when they come in if you can use their finished look for a quick post.

If you are feeling generous, you can even create a competition on the post that can give away a similar look for a lucky follower. That will surely make your posts gain interest.

Passing Along the Knowledge

When you create an Instagram, it is your opportunity not only to show off your skill set but provide information on how your creative ideas began. From crazy rainbow, luminous hair designs to nail design hacks, for Instagram the more outrageous the concept, the more interest it is bound to generate. For instance, Lillian Farag, Instagram painter, used Instagram to demonstrate the material process behind her marbling technique for leather objects by posting photos of said materials.

The same idea can be applied for any Gel, Acrylic or Shellac nail creation. Post your ideas and as the comments fly in, be sure to connect and answer any questions your potential clients may have about the process, as this communication will allow them to become invested in your products.

Hashtags are your friends

When you are advertising your photos then why not throw in a hashtag to increase the post’s visibility. A hashtag is used to categorise your post based on its subject, thus feel free to use as many catchphrases as you need. You can even link to relevant parties or people who may be interested in sharing your post.

The Daily Grind

Like a normal business, Instagram experiences peak times and slower moments. Increase your visibility by snapping your pictures during the day, but saving them for later in the evening (between 7 pm and 10 pm) when everyone has returned from work will certainly increase the amount of likes on your posts.
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