Clients are Losing their Loyalty

Top Reasons your Clients are Losing their Loyalty

The worst thing that can happen to a business is when its loyal clientele decides to invest their time in a different product or store. The industrial world has a formulaic structure to success, however, if your company does not keep up to the standard, then customer loss is imminent. Here are some reasons as to why your company may be suffering from these losses.

The Service is not up Scratch

Your workers are the face of your business, meaning that poor customer service will ultimately doom your chances of competing with other brands. Research from McKinsey has revealed that 13 per cent of its customers (when surveyed) said that they would remain loyal to a single brand and that, ultimately, around 58 per cent would be happy to switch to a new one. With that in mind, if your workers are not doing their jobs correctly, then there is a strong possibility that your customers will switch brands. This can include your workers not understanding how to complete their work tasks, or even being rude to a customer. Instead of pointing this out, the client will simply just not come back.

Keeping the Scene Spotless.

For workspaces like salons and beauty parlours, it is essential that the work environment is kept clean and tidy. Whether it is cleaning up the bathrooms, organising nail polish and files, or sweeping up cut hair, companies like Jealous Nails know that a good-looking exterior will surely lure in potential clients. But a messy room will only make them think that you are selling a messy product. Make sure to avoid this by creating a checklist to keep yourself up to speed with all your daily tasks.

The Price of Loyalty

Sometimes it is essential to face the facts: your product is just simply not good enough for the price it is being sold at. As sales expert Liz explained, the client often doesn’t choose only ‘the lowest price or the cheapest in town’, instead they look at the quality of the product and what they will get out of it. Instead of lowering your prices further, why not look into an update for the quality of the product you are trying to sell. Perhaps it is too similar to other products on the market, or you are potentially trying to appeal to the wrong market!

Offer that Personal Touch if Clients are Losing their Loyalty

Clients adore businesses that remember them and are willing to have a chat while they are in the store. Your loyal customers may be expecting special treatment, so try not to drive them away by solely appealing to new clientele. Offer sales or discounts/ discount cards that will make customers feel as if they have earned a special bargain.
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