What if clients can't make a decision?

What if clients can't make a decision?

You've probably heard of the adage that “time is money” and understand what it means, but do you understand how it really applies to you and your business?

If you operate in any form of customer service, this phrase is particularly relevant, as the amount of revenue you are capable of generating for your business is predominantly tied to the volume of customers you can get through your doors.

However, when operating something such as a salon, where you only have a finite amount of space or number of appointment slots to cater to your customers' requests, indecisive clients have the potential to severely impact your capacity to serve the most customers possible. 

What we're going to do here is outline a few handy tips to help you gently move those indecisive clients towards making a decision.

Why not see if they're willing to be adventurous?

Some people really like surprises - and, when it comes to many things in life, like food, fashion, and hair and beauty styling, a fair number of people actually really enjoy experimenting and trying new things whenever they can.

That's why, when communicating with clients who appear as though they are struggling to make a choice, it may be worth offering to simply surprise them so that you can make the decision yourself; just be sure you aren't indecisive!

Sometimes, it is easier to find out what someone knows they do not want

When it comes to the sheer volume of choice that can be available to people, it is more than understandable that some may struggle when doing something like choosing a nail design, especially those who are inexperienced or completely uninitiated in paying for professional beauty care.

This is why it is always a good idea to try to narrow the field of choices down for someone who appears to be struggling with a decision. You could ask them if there are any options that definitely don't interest them - or, at least, attract the least of their interest. Sometimes, it's quicker to take the longer route to your destination if it means you'll encounter less resistance along the way.

Use your expertise to sell them on a choice you know will work for them THIS

This last tip is probably something you'll be doing instinctively if you've operated in customer service for any length of time. It's about using your product knowledge and experience to help guide the customer when they are attempting to do something like choose a nail colour. 

Just like eliminating definite “no's” to narrow down the potential options, you can also artificially narrow down the client's sense of being overwhelmed by suggesting choices that would best suit them. You could suggest something that matches their normal fashion choices or the makeup they use. You could even if they want to select a colour for their nails, suggest a palette that complements their skin tone.

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