CND Shellac

Every woman’s hands are as unique and beautiful as she is and help her express her emotions, whether gently caressing her child’s cheek or clinching into a fist to convey her anger.

They show her strength, her confidence and her personality; and when her nails are well-manicured, a woman’s hands become a statement of her special style and elegance.

From Dentistry to Divine Nails

Only a woman would tell her dentist that the dental treatment he was using on her teeth smelled exactly like the products used by her manicurist to sculpt her beautiful porcelain nails. But, only an innovative-thinking dentist such as Dr. Stuart Nordstrom would take her comment and create a new way for woman to have stronger nails with a longer-lasting, non-yellowing polish and go on to create one of the foremost companies in the nail enhancement industry.

With a team of impassioned professionals, CND has spent more than 34 years utilizing science-based formulations to create nail care technology that improves the look and strength of a woman’s nails and makes having a professional manicure convenient and worry-free.

Now in more than 65 countries, CND continues today to lead the way in training and technology. The company helps advance the industry through its master-technician programs and as an advocate to nail professionals. Hundreds of thousands of nail professionals have gained the benefits of CND’s education programs and workshops with many going on to become certified masters in the areas of natural nail care, gel enhancements and liquid and powder enhancements. Through partnering with nail professionals and salons around the world, CND has gained the reputation as being not only the most extensive educational resource in the industry but the most knowledgeable and user friendly as well.

CND Shellac – Superior Product for that “Signature” Look

The developers of CND Shellac knew that having perfectly polished nails meant a woman could go into any situation with the assurance that she is radiant. That’s why they spent almost five years developing CND Shellac which has become the most impressive way for women to have long-lasting, safe and flawless nail color without having to spend hours in a salon. Salon professionals appreciate that CND Shellac combines the best qualities of polish with those of a gel to create the most innovative product they can offer their clients. 

With hundreds of
to choose from, each polish has been extensively tested in the CND state-of-the art laboratory to ensure it lives up to the highest quality and performance. When applied, these polishes offer nail professionals the confidence to know they are providing their clients with consumer-tested products that ensure there will never be any nail damage.
As part of a three-part system, the amazing formulations of these nail colors offers more than 14 days of dazzling color and high-gloss crystalline shine. When used with a
the curing time is zero! And, it takes only 5 minutes to remove.

From start to finish, CND Shellac is the perfect solution to offering a fast and efficient nail experience while helping a woman create her own “signature” look!