Harmony Gelish

Are you looking for a new line of nail products that provide fantastic results while offering a variety of colours? If so, look no further than Harmony Gelish! Harmony Gelish is the revolutionary brand that helped change the nail industry by introducing bottled gel polish. Created by nail artists with a mission to help other artists achieve their desired manicure results, Harmony Gelish is proud to offer technicians products that meet all their needs. Providing more than just typical nail products, Gelish also offers options to create stunning manicures with stellar effects.  

The First Gel Polish in a Bottle

In 2009, Danny Haile founded a company called “Hand & Nail Harmony” with the purpose of providing nail artists the right tools to give the highest-quality manicure possible. Haile, an award-winning nail artist, recognised the need for a gel polish in a bottle and brush form. Today, nail technicians can enjoy the ease of bottled nail polishes with all the benefits of a gel manicure with Harmony Gelish.

Since its creation, Harmony Gelish has expanded its product line to include more than 100 different colours that range from soft pastels to sophisticated solids to defiant sparkles and magnetic designs. The brand speaks to all lifestyles and occasions, with colours for the perfect manicure whether a woman is going to the office or a rock concert.

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish

Gelish continues to be a leader in the industry with its line of soak-off polish. Gelish is easy to apply and after being cured in an LED lamp for just 30 seconds the result is a smooth, flawless manicure that clients are proud to show off.

The Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish colour choices are vast, encompassing shades from a soft pink called “Little Princess” to a bright purple named “Carnival Hangover.” Colours also include a selection of sparkled polishes such as “Twinkled,” “Emerald Dust,” and “High Voltage”. The wide range of colours and effects make it possible for every customer to match the gel polish with their individual style and personality.

Gelish polish is designed to provide flawless, chip-free results for as long as three weeks, making it a favourite among customers who need long-lasting results. When it’s time to remove Gelish, it can be soaked off within 10 minutes.

Innovative New Gelish Dip Powder

The innovative Gelish dip powder makes it possible to experience all the benefits of a polish and a fast drying time without the LED light. The dip powder works by providing clients with a base coat and then dipping their nails into a powder of their choice of colour several times. While Gelish dip powder has fewer colours with only 44 currently available, nail professionals can look forward to more to come.

LED Lamps

Harmony Gelish offers top-of-the-line LED lamps that can be used with Gelish nail products. The Gelish LED 18G Plus LED lamp is their fastest and most precise model. With the LED 18G Plus, nails dry in record time, with a foundation being cured in as little as five seconds and dark colours taking only 30 seconds. With the LED 18G Plus, all five fingers can be cured at once leaving plenty of time for decorating nails and still giving clients the quickest manicure experience. In addition, the lamp is easy to sanitise and has lifelong bulbs that never need to be replaced.

Other Gelish Products

Harmony Gelish provides all the essentials along with some fantastic extras. Gelish’s polish selection includes a base coat foundation, soak-off sealer gel, soak-off repair gel, nail prep, cuticle oil, and nail strengthener. When it’s time to remove an old coat of gel polish, Gelish offers a wide variety of removal products along with foil wraps. Harmony Gelish also has a remarkable selection of cuticle tools, brushes, buffers, and marbling tools.

Complete Gelish Kits

For the convenience of their customers, Gelish offers complete nail kits that come with the most important items needed for a fantastic manicure. The Mini Basix Kit is a favorite and is the easiest way for those new to the brand to get started. The products included in the Mini Basix Kit are: Top It Off, Foundation, pHBond, Nourish, Nail Surface Cleanse, Artificial Nail Remover, a miniature wooden file, an orangewood stick, a plastic pusher, and prep pads.  

With its innovative gel polish, high-quality products, and a staff devoted to customer service, it’s easy to understand why Harmony Gelish is considered a favourite among nail technicians and salon owners.