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A woman’s hands can exudes the confidence to express her own style.

Whether she’s a Millennial, exploring the latest fashion and celebrity trends, a working mom with limited time or a seasoned corporate executive, nails are an important part of her overall style aesthetic. To meet the needs and desires of today’s active women, OPI has extensive collections created to help anyone wishing to find that perfect look and have beautiful nails. From the type of manicure she selects to the color she chooses, OPI is there to help her create and make a personal style statement about who she truly is.

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Creating a “Signature” Look

OPI has been helping women create their own “signature” style since 1981 and continues to be a leader and trend-setter in the evolution of nail products. What began as a small dental supply company in West Hollywood, California, has grown into an international company producing a wide range of nail systems, lacquers, gel colors and other products that women around the globe, including celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood, love.

The OPI offerings are extensive throughout the many collections the company produces, whether it be their exclusive nail lacquers, gel colors or Infinite Shine products. Always on top of the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, OPI can be counted on for having colors and products that are always fresh and exciting. In addition to the classic shades that women expect, new colours with names such as California Dreaming, Figi, and Artist Designer Series, let women know that each collection has a wide assortment of unexpected colors to ensure they get the widest palate to explore and express their own special style.

To maintain these beautiful looks, OPI has products created especially to make the quality and shine of a manicure last longer between salon visits, such as its Infinite Shine ProStay products. 

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The Innovation of Reinvention

Always on the forefront of nail technology, OPI is introducing a new nail system that will revolutionize the industry. The new Gel Color Reinvention system not only strikes the perfect balance between the best qualities of a nail polish and a gel, it helps keep nails safe and healthy and allows for improved surface curing for better shine retention. The improved system allows for curing all the way down for better wear.

Featuring OPI’s exclusive technology, the products in the Gel Color Reinvention system, ensure nails not only look beautiful but their health is never compromised. The ProHealth base coat creates a protective layer over the natural nail before the gel application, lessening your clients’ fears.

The more than one hundred-forty shades in GelColor, Infinite Shine and Lacquer collections have been vigorously tested in the company’s state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure the longevity and quality of every product. The system includes the new Dual Cure Light, developed in partnership with LG, which features OPI’s proprietary advanced engineering known as TruCure ability.

This system product allows for a 50% faster removal, eliminating shortcuts that can lead to damaging the nail during removal and with a result of healthier looking nails once removal has taken place. 

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OPI: Trusted by Nail Technicians Everywhere

Nail technicians around the globe trust OPI because they are confident that all products come with the company’s guarantee of quality to ensure they are always providing only the very best to their clients. Years of research, planning and thought go into every product as the company continues to lead the way in nail technology.