Centenary Nail Bar

by REM

Part of the REM Centenary Range, the Centenary Nail Bar boasts a multitude of features including drawer and cupboard storage, locking glass fronted retail with LED feature lighting, chrome double socket and Advanced Air Filtration System.

  • Advanced Air Filter System (see below for details)
  • 1 lockable cupboard with 2 slide out trays
  • 1 lockable glass fronted retail section with LED feature lighting
  • Storage drawer
  • Double chrome socket
  • Chrome legs

Air Filter System

2 stage purification system:

  1. A removable particle filter to catch larger nail particles & waste. 
  2. HEPA Carbon activated filter to catch particles as small as 0.3 microns to 99.97% effectiveness.

Air flow rate at filter surface: 0.90-0.95m/s Decibel reading at sitting position: 62Db.

Main Construction

  • Timber construction finished in high pressure laminate from the REM laminate range
  • 2 high impact polypropylene trays